This and that

This burden of knowledge
And that sin of comparisons

This glory of success
And that defamation of self

This virtue of morals
And that weakness of the mind

This state of happiness
And that of conflicts

This falseness in personality
And that strength in character

What is the state that has no that


Love and vanity

There is no such thing as love
Only trials to satisfy one’s vanity

Close enough to touch
Not enough to hold

Your absence once a pain
Those Arguments seems all vain
Now your absence seems a gain

If you won’t even recognise my story
How am I to share them with you

With every explanation the burden grows
Nowhere to put it down or share

Living because not dead

Piece of mind

I have still left a piece of my mind
That reverberate s within me I think
Mostly it tells me to shut up
Then now and again it will try
To awaken me and say
This is not you, and its not even your shadow
Death is the only freedom that there ever will be
Make it yours it and forever free you will be


The tear that fell
Had a story to tell.
At stake the life was mine
But not worth your time

And when time it turns,
Tis like fire that burns
It cannot ever turn back I fear
And bring back the tear
That I shed for us my dear


Money came to my party  the other day
Flaunting objects, boasting success in every way
Ridiculed the poor, around the rich he would melt
Leaving envy in every heart when he left

Compassion on the other side
Gathered people just by his meagre presence inside
Everyone knew him through his kind deeds
Touching hearts to create own cult indeed

Success came to both in good measure
One with relationships other with treasure


Parent cries
“Imbicile Loser, you will disgust me
Jobless future is what will be ”
Compassion will leave their being
Enslaved to competition another small thing
“If you don’t mint money
No place you will have in society”
Relationship of any sort
Is replaced with cunning  thought
Success when defined by money
Could give way to a broken family
Success defined by relationships
Will breed happy off spring